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HANG ON TO YOUR WALLETS BECAUSE WE"RE GONNA PAY??!!!! Well here is one chance for Bush to prove that immediate response to disaster, regardless of cause, is part of why we have government and pay taxes. Today I gave to mercycorps.com, but there are many good orgs (Oxfam...). Twenty dollars for internet, to communicate, is a huge expense. Montreal_Guy I've read your opinions and I've just read your above post.

" Absolutely unbelievable statement, on several levels. We should think and change things for the better of all creation—that includes all of humanity. I'm getting a little angry about discussions with oil, STILL, while peole are dying in Louisiana. Too 'busy.' (As he has told anyone who does not agree with him) Yeah, like I'm not. Are you telling me that if I was a National Guardsman, and I heard your pleas for help as you were being forcefully raped up your A$$ you wouldn't want me to shoot? There is quite a difference between shooting someone who is attacking you, and shooting someone who is stealing stuff, which is what we are arguing against.

Accordingly, the NYSE has informed the Company that it has set an ex-dividend date for the cash liquidating distribution of , they will not receive the cash liquidating distribution.__________________ About NYRT NYRT is a publicly traded real estate investment trust listed on the NYSE that owns income-producing commercial real estate, including office and retail properties, located in .

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While the Stafford Act authority is still subject to the criteria of active versus passive, it represents a significant exception to the Posse Comitatus Act’s underlying principle that the military is not a domestic police force auxiliary. Right now the armies of the night seem to be in control, not the government. Sometimes hearing about the goodness of people does amazing things. I've been very stressed about people in this disaster (still am) but your good story gives me strength. unfortunately from a civilian standpoint they are trained different than civilian lawmen... the looting ( and other neferious activities ) will only stop when order is restored, city is almost empty, and looters are gone... -- prayers to all the displaced personnel .are not refugees..."The Mayor should have had buses by the hundreds taking people out of the city 2 days before the storm" , he says....well, ok, so I would imagine his magic crystal ball must have broken so he wasn't able to see that the entire city would be flooded in 2 days and people would be drowning. He ordered a mandatory evacuation, way before what would happen is certain. However, not all people that heard warnings even had the ability to go on their own means.

If the order is not obeyed, the president may then authorize military forces to make arrests and restore order. There are people who could not get the food and water at first (BUT did get a tv) and are trading that TV for water. (Before even thinking about consumer goods—where is your you-manity? This has brought lots to the surface that isn’t talked about (or done about) enough. "As soon as day broke, I was on a bicycle until night time trying to find my family," he said.

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(NYSE: NYRT) (the "Company" or "NYRT"), which is liquidating and winding down pursuant to a plan of liquidation, today clarified the date on which the Company's common stock, par value Investors should note that the ex-dividend date is set by the NYSE.

Under the rules of the NYSE, when a distribution is declared in a per share amount that exceeds 25% of a company's stock price, the date on which that company's shares will begin to trade without the dividend, or ex-dividend, is the first business day following the payment date.

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