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" When asked about the likelihood of a 10th season, Hines agreed that it does seem like Larry is gearing up for another.Schaffer went one step further: "I wouldn’t bet on Larry running out of ideas.Though Jeff is worried about what this might mean for him, Leon has no qualms about being fatwa-d by association."Let's just say Leon's got Larry's back," Smoove tells of what's to come with the duo.Schaffer says they wanted to explore what happens when the pair start dating other people while "swimming in the same small L. pond." Hines admits that stepping back onto set — where all of the scenes require the cast to improvise their dialogue — felt different only in terms of how Cheryl has changed. It wasn’t like, ' Oh, you get to hang out with these guys and I get to hang out with those guys.' That was interesting to see."It’s a little liberating because I don’t have to worry about Larry — he’s going to do something stupid and it’s not my problem," says the actress with a laugh. You don’t have to split up the friends, but then, what does that mean?

This list has all the best comedy TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix. If you're into dysfunctional families, critically acclaimed series like , there's a slew of comedies streaming on Netflix to choose from that spans the decades.

I stumbled upon this show in a desperate attempt to find something entertaining and exciting to watch but also saw a familiar face, actor Tommy Dewey, who I also recognized as Mindy Lahiri's ex-boyfriend from The Mindy Project, also part of the main cast.

I will admit that the pilot initially threw me off, leaving me a bit confused as to what the show was all about.

"There are a lot of things in [the premiere] that seem innocuous but are really step one of a story that is going to be a story in episodes two, three, four or five," he teased.

"There are a lot of things where you will look back and say, ' Oh, that’s where that started.' " When viewers first get caught up on Cheryl and Larry's relationship, it's clear that the couple stayed on good terms in the show's missing years.

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