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These imaginary figures sometimes held unpopular or extreme views. When Pessoa was five, his father, Joaquim de Seabra Pessôa, died of tuberculosis and the following year, on 2 January, his younger brother Jorge, aged one, also died. Joseph Convent School, a Catholic grammar school run by Irish and French nuns.

After the second marriage of his mother, Maria Magdalena Pinheiro Nogueira, to João Miguel dos Santos Rosa, on 31 December 1895, Fernando sailed with his mother for South Africa in the beginning of 1896, to join his stepfather, a military officer appointed Portuguese consul in Durban, capital of the former British Colony of Natal. He moved to the Durban High School in April 1899, becoming fluent in English and developing an appreciation for English literature.

He cuts with a rhythm that hypnotically draws you in while calling your attention to the man behind the curtain – although never in a way that feels smug, obnoxious, or pandering. From his earliest days directing “Spaced” with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, his frequent partners in crime (See: the splendid Cornetto Trilogy encompassed by “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “The World’s End”) Wright has distinguished himself as a director who doesn’t let his love of film and trivia hinder him from making his own great works.

Unlike some others we could mention (ahem, Tarantino.) As a decidedly quirky director with a deeply British sensibility, it’s taken Wright a minute to find his mainstream legs.

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He also wrote in and translated from English and French.

A kid whose life could be ruined at any moment by one bad job.

“Baby” lost his parents as a kid, in a car accident (go figure), which left him with the tinnitus and an inexplicable urge to steal cars.

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    1: Introduction 2: Basic grammatical concepts 3: Latin word classes and inflectional categories 4: Verb frames 5: Active/passive, reflexivity, and intransitivization 6: Sentence type and illocutionary force 7: The semantic values of the Latin tenses and moods 8: Negation 9: Syntactic functions of arguments and the categories of constituents that may fulfil them 10: Satellites 11: The noun phrase 12: Cases and prepositions 13: Agreement References Index Harm Pinkster, Emeritus Professor of Latin, University of Amsterdam Harm Pinkster is Emeritus Professor of Latin at the University of Amsterdam.