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Not only does biochar nourish the health of our soil, but just the very act of making biochar sequesters carbon into the ground instead of it’s alternate path of being turned into CO2.

To learn methods of making biochar, view the links below: There are a variety of benefits associated with using biochar as a soil amendment.

The quality of biochar can range from the charcoal made in a bonfire, to charcoal that is developed using a professional kiln that burns it at the perfect temperature and keeps the material away from all oxygen.

Many biochar systems can use the oil and gases produced by the combustion of the organic matter to fuel the whole process, thus relying on no other external energy source.

By absorbing and storing them, the biochar prevents the chemicals from flowing through the soil and into our watersheds where they enter fragile ecosystems.

Biochar can be a useful tool in sandy soils where water is easily lost.

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