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Please use the recreation zones for smokers (ground floor) and non-smokers (floor 1), where you will also find vending machines for snacks as well as hot and cold drinks.Please do not bring dogs or other pets to the Austrian State Archives.Finding aids are an author catalogue and a catalogue based on subject headings in the form of index cards which are either handwritten or printed out.During and after World War II, books were removed from the stocks but the cards were not removed accordingly.For this reason, it is possible that you will find index cards in the catalogue though the books are no longer available.The "new holdings" are being added to until today, they now comprise the library of the , of the Verkehrsarchiv and all new acquisitions with contemporary history contents.

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Printed catalogue with later additions: Stocks with a large number of rare works.

If you put the current date on the order form, the book will be available to you for one month from that date.

If you need it for a longer period, all you need to do is enter the new current date whenever you visit; this extends the period of use.

Our library is a reference collection, so books cannot be borrowed.

If your research work is printed or approved as a thesis without being available in print, please let us have a voucher copy.

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