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autonomous cars, usually employ over redundant, expensive and computationally demanding sensory systems which attempt to cover the wide set of sensing conditions which the system may have to deal with.

Active control of the sensors and of the perception process, Active Perception (AP), is a key solution found by nature to cope with such problems, as shown by the foveal anatomy of the eye and its high mobility and control accuracy.

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The tasks are highly practically oriented and their solution have a direct impact on the development of some disease treatments or drugs development, for example.

They will also understand the principles of these simulation frameworks and will be able to design and implement their own toolkits hand-tailored to their private data.

The visual perception of a human is a complex process performed by various elements of the visual system of the brain.

It especially focuses on the interplay between computer vision, pattern recognition, social and psychological sciences.

We strongly encourage papers covering topics coming from both the realms of social sciences and computer vision, proposing an original approach that takes from both the worlds.

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