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How could they agree to put it aside then somehow it is sold out off the shelf? Dear CEO of Rage on the 25/01/2018 went to this complex called Soshanguve crossing at one of your Stores that rage it selling only shoes and bags I had a bad service ever buy staff and worst manager wasted to purchase a bag that they displayed a wrong price of which was R164, 99 on the display but they refused to give me that price with the price I saw with they kept on saying it's not impossible but it's was not my mistake I was right to want it with that price but they refused so I was...since the beginning of DEC 2017 , after returning wrong items n requesting a refund , no updates, I'm calling them three times a week but nothing is happening , they all promise to investigate and keep me posted but none of them have done that including their management..Now they say I will not get the Tablet fixed as they no longer selling it, and I will get no...

How could they agree to put it aside then somehow it is sold out off the shelf? Yesterday the 26th of JAnuary i phoned CNA Parow and asked them to put aside a phone for me the ZTE Blade A601 as I didn't want to go all the way there for nothing since my resources were very strained.

I went to my nearest drop off point and my parcel had not been allocated to the system and therefore I could not leave it there.

I then arranged that the courier collect the shoes from me, which happened very quickly, although not at the specified time that I had said so I rockes up from holiday...

After telepathically placing an order on 15 Dec.because the on-line order could not be submitted, I was told that delivery would take place on 18 latest 20 Dec. After NUMEROUS calls, emails and sms messages there is No response. Original Techno Spa Jacuzzi pump packed up, bought new one from Techno Spa (turns out they changed to "Quality Pumps" brand), which then failed after less than 3 months.

Found that impeller seized up due to missing spacer on wet-end between impeller and housing.

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