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Toleration gives civil authorities the power to decide whether to allow specific groups freedom to worship.Later advocates for religious freedom argue that religious liberty should be defined as a natural right rather than as a right afforded by a civil government.

Banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Roger Williams establishes a colony he names "Providence" in present-day Rhode Island.There are other materials by Co G members that also fit with our beliefs contained within the folders below. Presented by Herman L Hoeh, Raymond Mc Nair, Roderick Meredith, Leroy Neff, Dean Blackwell, Russell Duke, Peter Nathan, Richard Paige, Don Ward, Melvin Rhodes, Scott Ashley, John Ogwyn, Ron Kelly, Bill Bradford etc sermons The COG News from the 50's and 60's.Each church region produced its own version with copy also provided from Pasadena.Catholics and Jews are granted religious toleration in Pennsylvania but are not given the right to vote, a privilege extended only to Protestants.The English Act of Toleration extends freedom of worship to dissenting religious groups, though with limitations and restrictions.

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