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She made regular visits to her parents' home to see her son. The badges are handed out at her heroin addict meetings that she attends regularly. Don and Marcia said they used to count the silverware because Stephanie would pawn household items for drugs. Then, about two years ago, Stephanie found something that she says silenced the noise: a drug called Vivitrol. Forbes, [email protected] Willis shows her son, Christopher, how much she loves him on Thursday, May 30, 2013, when she puts him to bed at her parents' house in Ladue. They entrusted her to take care of her son and their house while they were gone. Her father, Don Willis, looks on in the backyard of their Ladue home. Willis said that the shot is the only thing that has kept her from going back to heroin. Stephanie was living with her boyfriend at the time in Fenton. Forbes [email protected] Willis proudly shows off the "clean" badges she earned for staying off heroin. Forbes [email protected] a frustrating session of trying to put a Christmas ornament together with her parents last December, Stephanie goes outside her parents' Ladue home to smoke a cigarette. Stephanie's parents are the legal guardians for Stephanie's son, Christopher. Forbes [email protected] Willis looks over the directions for a Christmas decoration last December that her parents Don and Marcia Willis were trying to put together for the front yard of their Ladue home. Stephanie's parents are the legal guardians for Stephanie's son, Christopher. Still, each of the 14 times she entered rehab, the chatter continued.“I would want to want to stop, but things just never seemed that bad to me,” said Stephanie, 25, of Ladue.The FDA approved it to treat heroin addiction in 1984, and for alcoholism in 1994.But the pill required a measure of discipline, as it needed to be taken daily.Eventually, Stephanie enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University. Soon, Stephanie was a criminal, arrested for stealing. She gave birth to her son Christopher in October 2008.Doctors gave mother and son methadone to relieve the effects of heroin addiction.

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Meanwhile, her parents became Christopher’s legal guardians.The roots of her emotional problems were difficult to diagnose, although her birth mother had a history of mental illness.Stephanie started cutting herself with scissors and knives.By fifth grade, Stephanie told a counselor that she wanted to die.She was hospitalized for being suicidal at the age of 12.

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