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It was controversial at the time, despite innovations like the ceiling box for a track lighting and large open interior.The pavilion houses nearly 900 decorative art and design objects.In 1991, the museum's third building, designed by Moshe Safdie, was built on the south side of Sherbrooke Street.It was funded by contributions from governments and the members of the business community, notably the Desmarais family.The museum is located on the historic Golden Square Mile stretch of Sherbrooke Street.The MMFA is spread across five pavilions, and occupies a total floor area of 53,095 square metres (571,510 sq ft), 13,000 (140,000 sq ft) of which are exhibition space.​If you believe that your work should be fulfilling, and your workplace should be collaborative, then we believe you should join our team.

The building's architecture is modernist, made of concrete structures located along du Musée Avenue and in contrast with the classical architecture of the first pavilion.This latter gift was on condition that a new museum be constructed on the site within three years.On the , the Governor General of Canada, Sir John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, inaugurated the Art Gallery of the Art Association of Montreal, the first building in the history of Canada to be constructed specifically for the purpose of housing an art collection.One painting, believed at the time to have been a Jan Brueghel the Elder but later reattributed to one of his students, was returned by the thieves as a way of opening ransom negotiations; the rest have never been recovered.The thieves likewise have never been identified, although there is at least one informal suspect.

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