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Jessica Phillips, who played Pippa Cox, was exceptional in this episode.

As usual, Raúl Esparza was fantastic in portraying Barba’s disgust and frustration with Hank Abraham.

I don’t think there was anyone in there that she recognized; I think she may have wanted to be somewhere quieter, more relaxing, and maybe more intimate.

As they walked off to find another place to get a drink, Benson hooks her arm into his.

While his father is pushing him higher up the ladder, Dodds sounds unsure he wants to climb any further. The question: as Andy Karl will be playing the lead in the stage musical version of “Groundhog Day” and will likely not have time for SVU at some point, how will Dodds leave the squad?

Will he eventually take his father’s advice, or will he have an unhappy ending?

Josh Pais has always done a fine job as the annoying Hank Abraham, and he's done it so well that I'm happy to see his character get his comeuppance.

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Rollins pulls her gun and announces she is NYPD as Amber moves away, covering herself with her arms. As they remove him from the room, Fin tells Rollins and Amber “nice work.” Rollins comments that if you stay in the job long enough, all your heroes die.“Collateral Damages” lived up to its name, with one high powered official, Deputy Commissioner Hank Abraham, getting caught with a massive amount of child porn.As Hank isn’t very well liked, his troubles don't bring much sympathy.It’s only after this event that Hank gets some sense and cuts a deal with Barba to plead guilty.This was an excellent, well-written episode with plenty of drama, taking two unrelated characters and crafting a tragic story line for both.

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