Launcher pro plus calendar not updating

All these 3rd party email apps are pretty awesome, but this still involves several manual steps / taps / swipes, where you need to sift through tasks and manually share them with your task manager of choice, such as 2Do.

Wouldn’t it be cool though, if all this was to work the other way round?

v3.8 (now available) for i OS is about to change this for good.

You will now, for the first time ever, be able to Tags on the fly! Take a look: Here, the list shows a bunch of frequently requested features that I need to implement fairly soon.

However, given current technological constraints, I realize much of this will simply have to wait. Not much if you’re stuck with v3.7, but once you update to v3.8 (and Mac v2.2 to follow suit), you will be able to either assign these tasks an already the currently used tag: supercoolfeature.

I don’t want to lose track of these tasks though, nor archive them, nor turn them into yet another list only to mark it as hidden (remember those comprises I was talking about earlier? In fact, I may even come back to review these again after publishing v3.8 just to see if I can squeeze a few into v3.9. Simply swipe the task list to reveal the utility panel, swipe left on the tag you wish to pause and hit – you guessed it – Pause (you resume it the same way). You even get a neat little indicator on the sort bar that you can toggle to show / hide paused tasks.

Presence of this indicator will suggest there are paused tasks in the selected list.

This is really helpful because you won’t need to resume each tag one by one only to see what’s hidden. In fact, since search will always find these hidden tasks, you can filter them out if you choose to do so, by using a new built-in keyword: type: !

2Do has always supported a rich set of URL schemes that can be invoked manually or via automation apps such as Workflow and Launch Center Pro.

For those of us that use a hardware keyboard with our i Pads and i Phones, the ⌘V keyboard shortcut (paste) has just become even more relevant.

You can now, quite easily, turn text in your clipboard into tasks.

For i Cloud we would recommend you use 2-step authentication and use application specific passwords where necessary. For custom servers, your credentials will be stored securely in your device’s encrypted Keychain.

Absolutely no communication will be made outside of 2Do to any 3rd party server (including 2Do’s own servers).

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