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It also helps in increasing foreign reserved which we can use in payment of import goods.Yes, it is good for India because the developed country connection to India will increase, much product of the developed country provided in cheap price so it is a good thing for the local costumer our country. If we look from customer's and Government's point of view than Yes because a consumer can got a lot many choices and government will earn revenue in terms of taxes.Yes, it is good as much as the weightage given to small industries by our Indian government start to utilize the pure benefits of the flowing money invested properly with the help of highly efficient controlling officers of FDI fund inflow.And unemployment should go vanished by the trending Technologies whereas some training and development should initiate the awareness of digitalization techniques as well as continue fruitful debates &competitions among college students, youngsters about industry & it's employment requirements.So keeping in mind old incidents I would like to emphasise that some restrictions should be imposed on foreigners in context of their investment in retail sector.Am not saying that FDI is not a good thing but there should be some restrictions over it.FDI in retail sector has both advantage and disadvantage.

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If we welcome something, so someone will welcome us.According to me, fdi is advantageous for our country as it provides job opportunities.Create a healthy competition as a result people get more varieties of product at cheaper price.The surplus inflow of foreign goods does impact retail industry resulting in poor performance of indigenous goods.Hence FDI though beneficial to Indian economy in lot many ways should be strategically implemented in India keeping in mind its impact on every Indian industry.

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