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He gave us a smile and a wave as he walked our way.

He introduced himself as Jim and asked if he could join us for a drink. I felt my pussy tingle as he sat down with Steve and me.

Fantasies of me kissing and tonguing a thick lipped black man and visualizing a strong black body against my whiteness, with our contrasting colored arms wrapped around each other as a large black pole strained my pink pussy lips were inexplicably exciting to both Steve and me. " My body started involuntarily convulsing, my head fell to the bed, my eyes rolled back, my pussy clenched.

A few minutes later the waitress brought us a round and motioned toward the man I had been flashing when she told us where it was from.

He explained that he was in town on business and I felt myself blush as he turned to me and said he really enjoyed the show. I tried to relax and let him have his way with me, but I was in pain.

He then got right to the point and said that he'd love to see more. This had been part of our fantasy life for quite sometime but now we did not know how to answer. I felt the walls of my vagina stretching as he entered me with more and more of his cock.

I did this several times giving him a better view each time. Steve got really turned on when I whispered to tell him what I was doing.

We exercise regularly, watch what we eat, and have both managed to stay in good shape. I dressed in a short black sleeveless dress that accentuated my long legs and ample chest. It made me feel very sexy and to make it more exciting, I did not wear any underwear at Steve's request. We found an empty table near the back and we sat with me facing the other tables. As we sat there and sipped our drinks I noticed a handsome black man, who was there with several friends, facing me a couple tables away. The next thing I knew we were all in the elevator heading for our room. feels good baby, love your pussy." He pushed again, another inch, then another. There was another couple in the elevator and the woman gave me a smile as the three of us got off on our floor.

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