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We profess outrage each time we learn that yet another student-athlete has been taking money under the table.But the real scandal is the very structure of college sports, wherein student-athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies while earning nothing for themselves.A new study reported a new design for the battery's cathode - the electrode from which the electric current flows - and this is what allows for the battery's increased storage capacity.

These were eminent reformers—among them the president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, two former heads of the U. Olympic Committee, and several university presidents and chancellors.Researchers used to think that the magnesium-chloride bond needed to be broken before inserting it into the battery, but the new battery design upends this thought.'Magnesium ion is known to be hard to insert into a host,' said postdoctoral fellow Dr Hyun Yoo, first author on the study.According to Dr Yoo, the key to solving this to expand the titanium disulfide battery host to allow the magnesium chloride to be inserted - and this is done via a four-step process called 'intercalation,' rather than breaking the magnesium-chloride bonds and inserting the magnesium alone as was previously done.Until now, magnesium battery technology has been held back by the need for a better cathode and more efficient electrolytes.

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