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The application counts 357 pages and it's easy to lose one, which is reason enough for the FDA to kill the study. Meredith says Adele couldn't get her story straight and she suggested some indication of early dementia, but the Chief got really angry at her. The whole thing is a nightmare, as she's seeing it happen with the three musketeers and Meredith. She wants the info, but that doesn't mean she's gonna act on it. He just wanted Callie to think about it and they all did. Lexie didn't think about it all when she walked away, she just did. Owen says she's a resident so it's normal she doesn't want kids, but he figures they can revisit this conversation down the line. Owen says it's a young people's notion to think career is everything. He doesn't understand how she went into the OR with him. Lexie won't, because she's pretty sure Julia is gonna leave. It always feels like there's only one person to love in this world and then you find someone else and it seems crazy you were worried in the first place.

Owen has interrupted Richard while he was filing out the very long application to the FDA. She asks for an impression of the patient, because right now, it seems like she's a substance abuser but both the tox screen and breathalyzer confirm that she's not. She tells him she's really grateful he's not trying to knock her up. Cristina finds Owen and asks him what that "yeah, yeah, yeah" meant. It's cruel to the two of them and their families, and the family who just buried someone.

The majority of pediatric CF patients are able to manage symptoms and maintain quality of life such as taking part in school and other activities.

In fact, many young adults with cystic fibrosis manage to finish college and find jobs.

Children who are born today with CF have a completely different prognosis from those born more than 30 years ago.

While the diagnosis was already possible through a sweat test developed in 1959, there were no methods of treatment and the mucus would rapidly accumulate in the lungs and digestive tracts of CF patients.

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She says she was more focused that she was covered in jam and glass. Adele says it's her shoes, she's gonna throw them out. Julia starts looking through her purse for her inhaler, but she drops it. After 8 years of small talk from opposite corners of the doctor's waiting room, they decided to take the risk. If his friend really needed her, she'd call Lucy herself. April tells Arizona that Kyle's bump is a cystic hygroma. Arizona says they need to remove it now, but she'll need April or Stark to take her diverticulectomy. He wonders why she's waited so long to remove the hygroma. This is his child and they're doing this together so she does not get a bigger vote. Teddy knows it's not easy, but people need these lungs and can use them for years. Teddy tells them to end the relationship or he doesn't get the lungs. Baker declines because he knows it's not part of the trial. She never picked him and she didn't want a life with him, but somehow, that is what she got. An enthusiastic April rushes into the bathroom to tell Lexie that Stark just asked her out. The Grinch just asked her out to dinner and she said yes. Lexie thinks it's a little weird, but she wants to talk about it later since she's in the shower. Once April is gone, Lexie takes her hand off Jackson's mouth. She mentions that Owen said she destroyed his future. Owen says he was extraneous to the process, like him. Mark asks them to imagine what it's like to negotiate with two women. Richard arrives on the roof and asks to borrow Derek for a minute.Despite the tendency for life expectancy in CF patients to increase, lung disease continues to be common and gets worse over time, which eventually disables the patient. Though life expectancy continues to be globally uneven, with the U. where CF patients tend to live longer, the NIH believes that current research will lead to improvements in treatment and life expectancy worldwide.A cystic fibrosis diagnosis changes the life of any family, treatment for the disease has greatly changed in recent decades.He wonders if Arizona is completely sure that the kid is not harmed. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic, inherited disease that affects the secretory glands, which are responsible for the production of mucus and sweat.

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