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And as if questions over the colour of their skin wasn't enough for the young fellas, they also have the added complication of having different birthdays - with Jayden being born on November 6 and Xavier coming into the world after midnight, making his birthday November 7.

'We were surprised for sure - the running joke is because they were made in the Bahamas that Helen had the local Bohemian milkman stop by one day when I was at work to make the brown one,' their dad Phil Boughey told Daily Mail Australia.'We make sure they are in different classes at school too because Jayden is the stronger one and Xavier will just sit back and ride on the coat tails of Jayden - so we have had to pull him out of the clouds.'Their story comes after a pair of 18-year-old girls, from Gloucester, who were born with radically different colouring thanks to mixed-race parentage, revealed how they constantly have to explain their looks to curious strangers.

However, the attribution of the child’s name to the father is based on the acceptance of the father.

My wife calls them step-son and daughter and they call her step-mother.

I have learned that in Islam, children of are not ascribed to the father and that there is no parent/child rights between them.

Since accepting Islam I gained custodial rights over them but not custody.

I have two children from before I accepted Islam and they were both born out of wedlock in an unlawful relationship before I met my wife.

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