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"The attempt to search for a potential partner at workplace might have negative professional consequence." C. Le, director of Asian and Asian-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, said websites like 2Red Beans offer an "easy and convenient" place to find potential mates, given the busy schedules of many."The Internet and mobile phone technology has significantly changed many aspects of human life, and so it's inevitable that interpersonal relationships are the next step," Le said.With a lean team of about a dozen people, 2Red Beans currently has a 15 percent market share of the 1.3 million Chinese American users in North America.The top three cities where 2Red Beans has the most registered users and successful matches (of those who decide to get married) are Northern California, New York and Southern California, said Zhao.It was love at the first sight, recalled Lam, who is marrying Wong, a Chinese American also born in New York, next month.“Like many entrepreneurs,” said 2Red Beans co-founder Q Zhao, “I started 2Red Beans with my friends to solve our own problems—finding dates which eventually lead to life partners.”Founded in 2010, and modeled after JDate, a dating site for Jewish Singles, 2Red Beans is an online dating site for the Chinese diaspora or “Overseas Chinese.” It boasts almost 500,000 members, of whom 70 percent use simplified/traditional Chinese as their default site language, 30 percent were born in North America, and only 2 percent are non-Asian.Today, 2Red Beans, a graduate of the Founder Institute, has launched a dating site exclusively focused on matching Chinese-Americans.

2Red Beans, which is currently free for users, also includes live chat functionality that will suggest chat topics based on the singles’ common interests.Going out with more than one person is not socially acceptable for many.”Does it work? The success of JDate, an online dating service aimed towards matching Jewish singles, has proven dating sites for niche religious or cultural groups can actually work."They may still include others from their own ethnic background in their dating pool, but they are also very open and willing to date people from other racial, ethnic backgrounds as well." Michelle Lam, a 29-year-old public relations professional from New York, fits this pattern, but reversely."I dated men who are not Asian and I had to explain all of our traditions including food (why do we eat moon cake, rice cakes, dim sum, the meaning behind oranges and red envelopes during holidays) and how come family will always be a priority," said Lam of her past experience of dating people from other cultures.

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